Refund and Returns



Refunds and Return

Satisfaction guarantee

     At Tc Yorkies , Your satisfaction is our top priority. it is our mission to make sure , you have a wonderful experience adopting with us.

45 days return policy

       This policy states that , After the family takes home their puppy , they are eligible to verify the Yorkies condition , altitude and health condition for 45 days. If they are not fully satisfied with what they had in mind , they are eligible to return the puppy back to us including his/her crates given on time of purchase and purchase invoice as proof of payment. we will either refund you the full amount or exchange the puppy to another if they are both on there same price pattern. 

NOTE: Incase of puppy mismanagement on your way home which end up leading to problems with your puppy like suffocation , death and uncalled illnesses, Tc Yorkers refunds policy will not be able to cover that. that is why we always advise our families to sit relax and let us do the job in delivering their puppies safe to them

                                        Refund Policy



     When requesting a refund, your original credit card will be credited once your return is processed. If you paid by check, your account will be credited. If using a prepaid gift card such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, please retain to ensure proper credit. When exchanging an item, you will see a credit to your original pay method for the returned item.

NOTE: Please note that all refunds directly to bank account or credit card are completed in 3 working days after the refund is approve. incase of not finding your funds in your account after 3 working days , please feel free to give us a call on our customer service line or email us at